Getting Started

Getting started is the hardest part.

Fitness, diet, writing, gaming….. really anything I guess.

If there was one thing that I would change about me it’s this.  I suck at starting things….. well to be fair I also suck at finishing things.  I’ve never been sure what it is about be that causes me to struggle with things like this.  It’s analysis paralysis on a huge life altering scale.  I come up with an idea it bounces around in my head for a few days, I think it’s really good, I get excited just thinking about starting it…… and then poof my excitement dies.  Sometimes it dies while the idea is in my head, sometimes it dies when I type or write a word.   Yeah you read that right, sometime all it takes for my head to get in the way is for me to put a single word of my idea out into the universe, and my stupid brain then informs me how stupid my idea was in the first place and I should just give up and go do something else.

And I listen to it.

I delete whatever I’ve done.  I scrap any notes or thoughts I had jotted down, and up until recently I would log into WoW and do my best to forget about everything except the grind.

So how come I’ve made it this far?  Part of the reason is that my Mac can’t play WoW anymore, which seems like it’s a bit of a blessing.  Seriously I should have taken this piece of advice from other writers way earlier.  Remove any distractions from your immediate space while you’re writing, it really does help.  I mean I still find ways to drag something out, this single post has taken me two days of off and on, up and down, walk in and walk out typing, but I’m kind of proud that I’ve kept some words on this screen.

I’ve kept them on this screen because of Blaugust.  Which my spell checker is telling me is spelled wrong but whatever, the stupid spell checker doesn’t know how cool Blaugust is.  IF it did it would stop throwing those little red dots up underneath the word.  So Blaugust is something that was started by some probably very cool people to encourage other probably cool people to write some blogs and toss them up on the internet so other probably cool people can read them.  I stumbled upon it by accident, almost gave up on it while trying to find information about it, and managed to procrastinate my way through this post, which should have been up on Wednesday, then I was going to put it up on Thursday, and now it’s Friday.  So I’m -2 days behind on the blog everyday initiative that is Blaugust. I’ve got some catching up to do, thankfully GenCon is going on this weekend so I can probably post about some of the awesome looking games that are being shown at the convention I really wish I was attending.

Whew!  I made it.  Now if you excuse me I’m going to go rough up my stupid brain and get some sleep.  Until tomorrow or … you know what let’s just leave it at tomorrow errr wait later today.